Terms & Conditions

Time-limit – grants must be used within 18 months of the offer date, unless indicated in the offer letter, grants automatically expire at the use by date.

Variation – the grant must be spent for the purpose as set-out in our offer letter, if you anticipate any changes to the project or its purpose or wish to change the way the grant will be spent, you must put your request in writing in advance, to seek the trustees agreement. Any part of the grant that is not required for the intended purpose will not be paid.

The trustees reserve the right to withhold a grant or require repayment if one or more of the following apply: –

  • We find that false information has been supplied to us.
  • There is any evidence of activity that could damage the reputation of the Charity.
  • The project undertaken is not the purpose for which the funding was approved.
  • The conditions of the grant offer have not been met.
  • The Charity fails to receive a progress report which was requested in the grant offer.
  • Your organisation becomes insolvent or goes into administration, receivership or liquidation and the funding has not or will not be been spent on its intended purpose.

Keeping us up-to date – you must inform us of any change of contact details (fundraiser/address/bank details) or of any serious incidents, e.g safeguarding or fraud incidents (whether relevant to the grant or not) and plans for any changes to the governance of your organisation. 

Grant reporting – monitoring visits by representatives of the Charity may be made during the period of the grant. The Trustees also expect to receive PDF copies (via email) of any published articles, papers or other outputs which may result from the grant. 

Publicity and Data Protection – The trustees have no objection to being listed along with other funders names, we prefer to be known as ‘The Hobson Charity’. The Charity may publish some details of grants in our Annual Report, on this website and other publicly available reports. If a grant is offered, we will keep your details on our database. Electronic copies of Emails are retained for seven years, where we have made a grant offer, paper copies of all communications are retained for up to 10 years before being destroyed. Unsuccessful applications are deleted from our database, we only keep this information for the purposes of managing a grant offer. We never share this information with third parties. 

Further applications – If you have claimed your grant from us and, we have released your payment, then you may submit an application for a new project or new phase of your project after a period of 24 months has passed from the settlement date. NB Funding is limited, we suggest you visit this website to check availability before applying.